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Terms and Conditions

Dear fellow nature-lovers and mountaineers,

A warm welcome and heartiest congratulations for participating in the Manali–Hamta pass trek organized by the Adventure Foundation, Pune.

Dear friends, you must be eager to answer the call of the wild and take up this challenge and for some of you, this might even be the first time. So to successfully complete the trek, it would serve you well to pay close attention to the rules and regulations and guidelines laid down by the management, the violation of which shall attract fine /action .

In any case, the authority of the group/camp leader shall be deemed final, absolute and binding. Furthermore, we urge the participant to obey the rules enumerated below with diligence as they concern the safety of the participants in all aspects. Needless to say, adherence to the rules will be pivotal to the successful completion of the trek.

  • The participants across all batches ( even for non-pune residents) have to report in person to the Pune Office ,2 days prior to the trek. At the time , please bring along any medical certificates, photos , blood group etc.remaining for verification or any payment due in lieu of the trek.

  • Please note that the instructions issued by the trek leader are to be followed strictly all along the trek route.

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is absolutely prohibited on the trek route as well as on the camp site and its vicinity. Smoking tobacco is also not allowed on the camp premises . If the participant violates the said rule shall be liable to be evicted from the campsite and cannot continue the remainder of the trek.The rule applies for all 14 days of the trek to and fro Pune.

  • The participant is to bring along all items , articles or documents as mentioned in the "must carry" list provided by the organisers.In case the participant inadvertently forgets any such item then heshe must see to it that it is purchased at Delhi or at the base camp. However, the participant is requested to make a checklist and ensure that heshe is equipped with all things mandatory for the trek.

  • At all camps male and female participants shall be provided with separate accommodation facilities (Families also) This shall be rigourously followed and obeyed.
  • We provide only vegetarian food on the camps.

  • The head office of the organisation is located at Pune, and as such , any financial dealings, agreements , contracts or understanding entered into with the participant shall, for all legal purposes, be deemed to have been executed or be in effect from Pune and any dispute arising in connection with the same shall come under the jurisdiction of the Pune Judicial Courts. The management reserves the right to make any changes or alterations to the itinerary or rules in the event of any unforseen contingency or inclement weather conditions, and any such changes shall be binding upon all participants in the programme.

  • The Manali-Hamta trekking subscription covers the participant from base camp Manali to Manali only and while lodging shall be provided by the organisers at Manali the participant shall have to pay for expenses towards meals and sight seeing.

  • From the point of view of emergencies A detailed list of all fellow participants along with contact details shall be provided to every participant which he/she should ensure that a copy is given to a responsible member or next of kin back home.

  • The participant shall use his discretion while clicking photographs or before wandering away from the group along the trek route. Any potentially dangerous locations (cliff edges , high places etc) should be avoided for this purpose and, in any case, the permission of the group leader is to be sought beforehand. The organisers or group leader shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage to life, limb or property arising from any such accident or untoward incident.

  • Photographic equipment, Binoculars et are to be carried at the participant's own risk. It is best not to bring along valuables like expensive watches, jewellery or electronic items.

  • We provide storage space at the base camp for the participants luggage like suitcase, handbag etc. However, the participant should get his own lock to secure his belongings and ideally should only carry small sized baggage items.

  • The participant can carry hisher own sack. The organisers shall provide for both treks sack, blankets or sleeping bag , carry- mat at every camp.

  • Female participants should be clad in Punjabi dress or jeans as it is very difficult to walk or move comfortably on mountain trails.

  • Expenses for tea, coffee,breakfast or lunch on the bus or rail journey to and fro shall have to be borne by the participant. ( Till base campnand on the return journey)

  • At any juncture along the trek route be it a difficult pass or deep gorge , high cliff or valley or at accident prone areas the participant should exercise extreme caution and not commit any foolhardy act which might put his her life or others' in danger.

  • All along the trek route, please note, that it is absolutely forbidden to enter , wade through or swim in any water body be it a pond, lake or river.Strict action will be taken for any violation of the same.

  • The participant is to remain present at least 1 hour at the pre-decided place before the commencement of journey.
  • Do not try to board or alight from a running train.The participant shall be responsible for his own safety.
  • While in transit the participant shall not send any minor to run errands like alighting at railway platforms to get refreshments etc. The group leader can be requested for this purpose if unavoidable. Refer to the time table to avoid any hassles.
  • The participant shall maintain decorum and cordial relations with fellow participants. The group leader is to be contacted for any problem whatsoever. Avoid disputes or quarrels.

  • The participant's seats maybe reserved in different compartments and should the ticket checker come to validate the reservation the participant should immediately contact the leader for the same.

  • Those eligible for LFC and LFC can request the ticket stubs from the group leader at the end of the journey.Any attestation or certificate for the same is available at the Pune camp for the exact fare of the journey.

  • It is prohibited to sit at the entrance of the rail coach while the train is moving.

  • Do secure your baggage or suitcase with a chain-lock at your own responsibility.
  • The return journey is to commence on the decided date. If the participant wishes to stay on personally either at Delhi or Manali he she shall be responsible for further reservations . Furthermore, a written acknowledgement shall have to be provided to the group leader for any unscheduled journeys , deviations or postponement and please note that the fare money shall not be refunded to the participant in such cases.

  • It is mandatory for the entire batch to be present at a decided place and report to the group leader before the commencement of the bus journey.
  • If the participant suffers from motion sickness then he she should ensure that the prescribed medication for such condition is taken at least an hour before the journey to avoid any inconvenience to fellow passengers.

  • As the distance and time involved are considerable the bus shall take halts for food and refreshments at convenient intervals.

  • The participant should ensure that heshe carries at least 1000 to 1500 rupees on the person for small snacks and refreshments. For buying other things the participant should carry an adequate amount.
  • At Manali the participant is expected to pay for his her own expenses towards food and for sight seeing.

  • Do ask the group leader for information on places of tourist attraction. The group leader is well aware of the bus routes and all other things of interest at Manali.

  • Every participant should return to the place of lodging at the decided time. The management shall not take a lenient view of such violations.

  • On the return journey any enquiries regarding train schedules should be made by contacting the Pune Railway Station Only. Any such enquiries directed at our offices shall not be entertained.

  • Any participant wishing to contact our offices while on the trek may consider between 6- 9 pm only. Parents and relatives of minor participants are requested not to call up the Delhi or Manali offices for trivial reasons. ( Has my child reached? Have you eaten ? Etc etc) Only important messages shall be passed on to the participant.

Adequate medical aid is kept in readiness at suitable places all along the trekking route. however you are advised to bring your personal medicines and first aid kit for emergencies. You are requested to inoculate yourself with Anti Tetanus and Cholera-Typhoid.

A great deal of preparation has gone into the planning of the trek route ensuring safety. Our camp and group leaders have been constantly visiting the area to check all details. You should, therefore not deviate from the set rout without first informing your group/ camp leaders and getting their consent in writing to that effect. While every care has been taken to ensure the safety of the participants, Blue Meridian cannot be held responsible for any death, accident, illness and such other unforeseen eventualities. For the duration of the trek, group unforeseen eventualities. For the duration of the trek, group insurance will be done. Cost is included in the participation fees.

The cancellation charges are as under.

  • Cancellations prior to 30 days from the start of the tour - 5% deduction.

  • Cancellation between 30 days and 15 days to the start of the tour - 10% deduction.

  • Cancellation less than 15 days to the start of the tour - no refund.

Each participant is advised to bring the following personal equipment for the trek.

  • Ruck sack(If available)
  • Cotton shirts
  • Wollen Pant(rough)
  • Wollen Scarf/ Muffler
  • Chappals
  • One pair wollen socks
  • Gloves
  • Water Bottle
  • Mug and plate
  • Sleeping bag or one blanket
  • Cotton pants/ Jeans
  • Two wollen Jerseys
  • Trekking Boots
  • Light raincoats
  • Two pairs cotton socks
  • Torch(with new cells)
  • Lunch Box
  • Spoon
  • Pen
  • dark sun glasses(Other that blue colour)
  • Spare buttons
  • Note Book
  • Cold cream
  • Vaseline
  • Knife
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Ball point pen with refills
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Toilet material
  • Small and big plastics bags.

We will provide a sack and blanket or sleeping bag. Arrangements will be made to keep your extra luggage at the base camp.

Participation in these programmes is open to ,

  • All educational institutions and trekking clubs.
  • Individual members in the age group of 12 to 60 (age limit relaxable ) who are physically fit.
  • For Everest base expedition, previous experience in high altitude trekking (3,500m. and above) is a prerequisite for participation and after being selected for the expedition, the participant must take part in atleast 3 practice treks prior to the actual expedition.
  • For other treks past experience is note a must but practice of walking/ climbing 5-10km. daily is advisable.
  • The strength of a group shall be 35 for Manali & Har Ki Dun Trek, 40 for Valley of Flowers Trek, and 20 for Everest base Trek.